It is with Deep Regret and Sadness that we Announce the Passing of Sereno Soccer Founder Joe Salomon


Joseph Martin Salomon was born in Retinne, Belgium on February 18, 1932.  He and his family endured the hardships of the Nazi occupation during which time Joe from a very young age rode his bicycle to deliver messages for the Resistance.  Once his education was completed, Joe followed his sister to Cleveland, Ohio in 1956, moving to Phoenix in 1960.  In 1967, he married Dorothy Hicks and together they raised their son, Martin.

Joe was employed by Motorola and during his long and successful career as an electronics specialist. received many awards and much recognition for his inventions and ideas.

One of his all-consuming passions was soccer.  He was the founder of Sereno Soccer Club and during his time, Sereno pioneered the small-sided soccer concept, including the Swenson's Ice Cream Tournament. In addition Joe coached a '68 team and then a '76 team.  These teams traveled to Utah, Caifornia, New Mexico and even Juarez, Mexico where the '68's were awestruck at the World Cup venue in which they played.  Since this was before the age of cell phones, each driver had a CB radio to stay in touch with each other. 

Joe also found time to referee and to serve on the Arizona Youth Soccer Association Board of Directors as its Vice President.  Long after he retired from coaching, Joe could be seen at State Cup games or just watching a young game somewhere in the Valley.

Joe passed away on October 12, 2015.  He was preceeded by his wife, Dorothy, and sister, Johanna Gaihki and is survived by his son, Martin; his daughter-in-law; and his grandson and namesake, Joseph.  He was a dear friend to many of us and will be sadly missed.  

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